This book is a living resource. It was developed and is updated through GitHub at We encourage feedback and corrections so that we can improve the contents of the book in future editions. We hope that this book will be the platform for a creative and constructive discussion on this topic from which new best practices will emerge. Please feel free to provide any type of feedback, no matter how small, as these work together to improve the content overall. Anything from missing content, content that was poorly or insufficiently explained to content you think is incorrect.

We are particularly excited to collaborate with the wider Stata community on the Stata style guide.

How to contribute

You can always send us an email with any type of feedback to . If you are familiar with GitHub, you can create issues with suggestions or open a pull request.

Already addressed errata

In this section we will publish all error reports received that we have already addressed in the digital, and will be included in the next printed edition.