Introduction to quality control of SARMD

This part of the book presents a broader understanding of the SARMD collection and provides the results of conducting a quality control check on all the harmonized variables of SARMD. The quality control was done using the Stata package qcheck, available in the World Bank Github repository: worldbank/qcheck

Chapter 7 provides a dictionary of all the harmonized variables in SARMD, divided in seven broad categories.

Chapter 8 tabulates the frequencies of the values of categorical variables over time.

Chapter 9 presents a simple analysis of missing values and zeros in the harmonized variables.

Chapter 10 provides a static quality check for variables within a given survey. We included a wide variety of logical tests to test the internal consistency of each dataset. Then, we created an interactive dashboard that summarized the results. This flexible tool allows to evaluate the frequency of a given condition, for example, if television==1 & electricity==0.