Function reference

Functions Description
iebaltab produces balance tables with multiple groups or treatment arms
ieboilstart applies best practices for collaboration and reproducibility within a project.
ieddtab This command runs a Diff-in-Diff regression and displays the baseline values, the two 1st differences and the 2nd difference.
iedropone an extension of the command drop with features preventing additional observations are unintentionally dropped.
iefolder sets up project folders and master do-files according to World Bank DIME’s standards.
iegitaddmd Creates a placeholder file in subfolders of a GitHub repository folder, which allows committing folder structures with empty folders.
iegraph Generates graphs based on regressions with treatment dummies common in impact evaluations.
iekdensity This command plots univariate kernel density estimates by treatment assignment.
iematch Matching base observations towards target observations using on a single continuous variable.
iesave applies best practices before saving data, with option to save meta data report about the data saved.
ietoolkit Returns information on the version of ietoolkit installed