Research Assistant Continuing Education

DIME Analytics runs semi-structured onboarding and continuing education sessions for DC-based research assistants on a regular basis. Presentations from past sessions can be found here. Incoming RAs may also benefit from reviewing the Stata and R training exercises from the Manage Successful Impact Evaluations training.

Field Coordinator Training

Manage Successful Impact Evaluations is DIME's annual course designed for staff and short-term consultants responsible for managing impact evaluations in the field. The workshop is intended to improve the skills and knowledge of impact evaluation (IE) practitioners, familiarizing them with critical issues in IE implementation, recurring challenges, and cutting-edge technologies. The course covers impact evaluation tools and concepts, but the primary focus is on how to successfully manage impact evaluations in the field. Morning sessions consist of lectures and small group discussions, in which participants work together to apply what they’ve learned to an impact evaluation case study. Afternoon sessions will be interactive computer-based lab sessions, giving participants a first-hand opportunity to develop skills. Lab sessions will be offered in parallel tracks, with different options based on software preferences and skill level.

The resources from this year's training can be found on OSF.