This section lists step-by-step installation instructions for various software DIME Analytics recommends. Please let us know if any part of the instructions is not clear or does not work for you and we will improve the instructions, or if you would like to see any other software included.


DIME members are allowed to utilize Dropbox on personal and World Bank computers. Contact DIME Analytics to request an installation on a Bank machine, or start using your personal machine right away.


The World Bank provides a WebEx subscription to all staff. You can access your account at the corporate WebEx portal using your logon token. You can also use the desktop and mobile apps on Bank or personal machines without additional restriction. This is a more reliable way to have video conferences than, for example, Google Hangouts or Skype. The people you invite do not need an account, there is localized dial-in and dial-out capacity in many countries, and by inviting World Bank conference rooms (see the WebEx portal) the videoconference (VC) equipment in the room connects automatically once the meeting time starts.

Remote Access to Bank Virtual Machines

The World Bank Citrix system can provide two functions. First, it can access a virtual World Bank desktop from any personal computer. These instructions are below. Second, it also be set up by ITS to provide a secure and powerful server interface for your team to store and analyze data using Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI). Contact DIME Analytics for more information.

You are able to access a virtual World Bank desktop from any personal computer using Citrix Workspace. This is close to, but not exactly the same, as you logging in to your World Bank desktop. The difference is that you will not have access to any software installed on your desktop in a local drive (for example Stata) and you will not have access to files saved locally (for example in the Documents folder). The virtual desktop behaves as if you are logging in to a new World Bank computer for the first time. You will not have your local files, but you will have access to networks, OneDrive access, Intranet, etc. that you have from World Bank desktops.

To login to a Virtual Desktop, follow the following steps:

  1. Download the Citrix software for the device you are using (PC, Mac etc.)
  2. After the download is complete, open the software and follow its instructions. When you are asked to enter an "email or server address", enter:
  3. Then you will be asked to enter your UPI (in the format wb123456), the Windows password for your World Bank computer, and the passcode you are using for your token.
    1. If you are using an email token you will get one more window asking you to enter the code sent to your email.
  4. After you are logged in you will get to a menu where you can select which software you are accessing. You can also click "Desktop" to access a virtual version of a World Bank computer.
  5. (OPTIONAL) If you know the property number of your WB computer(small silver sticker with a 7 digit number), then you can access your own World Bank desktop and local files.
    • Click on the "Bookmark" button at the top right of the "Desktops" page.
    • On the new window that pops up, in the row labeled 'URL' , put "PC" followed by the property number. For example - PC1234567 if your property number is 1234567.
    • In the 'Name' row, put a name such as "World Bank desktop" and click "Save".
    • Now double click on the new "World Bank desktop" icon to launch your remote desktop.

If you have never logged in on a World Bank computer and therefore do not have a Windows password yet, you should call IT support on 32121 from any World Bank phone, or +1-202-473-2121 from any phone.

Stata & R

The World Bank has a Stata MP license for use on Bank computers available for purchase. R and RStudio are free, and we additionally have RStudio Server and Shiny installations we can provide access to. Contact DIME Analytics for details.


DIME Analytics administers the World Bank's enterprise subscription with SurveyCTO. This installation is available to all Bank teams at a discount from the retail subscription and uses Bank single-sign-on when possible as well as allowing external email accounts. Please review the World Bank SurveyCTO Documentation and use eServices to request a server. To be added to the DIME Team for survey template sharing, please contact DIME Analytics.

Git & GitHub

DIME projects are encouraged to use Git, a free version control software, for writing data analysis code. They allow simultaneous editing and execution of code files and comparisons of hisotries and alternate versions. This enables maintaining and merging simultaneous ongoing workstreams without conflicts, unlike software like Dropbox. Learn more here.


LaTeX is a text-based typesetting language. It can support full version control with Git, simultaneous online editing, or collaboration over Git/GitHub. Overleaf is an online collaborative LaTeX editor that works much like Google Docs and includes a very useable rich-text editor. TeXStudio is a desktop-based suite that works well with Git and is available for self-installation. Both allow the use of BibTeX for reference management, which pandoc can translate into correctly cited Microsoft Word documents (and much more!) using the Citation Styles library:

pandoc -s -o main.docx main.tex --bibliography sample.bib --csl=/.../styles/the-lancet.csl

Security and Data Encryption

Password Managers

Using a password manager is the most commonly recommended best practice for normal internet users (see examples here, here or here) and should be used by everyone. They can generate and store strong passwords for your accounts, when you will need to use various logon names for personal and official business.

LastPass is a popular and free password manager. It is most important that you are using any password manager, but the World Bank provides a free subscription to the premium features in LastPass for you. Visit the LastPass Premium Partner Page to set up access.

Two-Factor Authentication (2FA)

If you combine two-factor authentication with a password managers then your life on the web is as secure as it could possibly be. The main drawback of most two-factor authentication methods is that it only works if you have your cell phone with you and it is charged. 2FA is required for most Bank-provided services via a logon token that is emailed to you whenever you attempt to access a secure service.

However, you should also protect your personal accounts, since they may contain sensitive personal or financial information. Authy is one exampe of a free software that enables two-factor authentication on your personal accounts. Setup is via Authy for Apple iOS and Authy for Android.

Shared Drive (DropBox etc.) encryption

VeraCrypt is a free encryption software that creates and manages "virtual thumb drives" that are inaccessible without a password. It can be used on World Bank machines to store and transfer sensitive data. Contact DIME Analytics for training.

Atom Text and Code Editor

Atom is a powerful free text editor that has easy integrations with Git/GitHub and Stata, as well as other languages and softwares like LaTeX and Markdown. You can set it up on a personal computer with administration privileges. We are currently working on setup instructions for World Bank computers.

  1. First install Atom from Choose any theme you like!
  2. In Atom, go to Settings and then Install and install the following two packages language-stata and stata-exec.
  3. In Settings / Packages, open stata-exec and read the instructions carefully.
    • For Mac users: Selecting the correct Stata version should be the only step. Ask for help if you don't understand something.
    • For Windows users: It is a bit more complicated. You need to follow these instructions. Ask for help if you don't understand something.
  4. Now open a Stata .do file in Atom and run it using the keyboard shortcuts in the stata-exec settings. The default keyboard shortcuts are slightly different than in the Stata dofile editor: shift-cmd-d (on Macs) and shift-ctrl-d (on PC) runs the whole file, and cmd-alt-d (on Macs) and ctrl-alt-d (on PC) runs only the selected code block. Let us know if you want to change these!

Useful Atom Packages:

  • file-icons: Adds icons to the project sidebar.
  • fonts: Supports beautiful programming fonts like atom-firacode.
  • chary-tree-view: Stops Atom from trying to open .dta and .xlsx files.
  • indent-guide-improved: Helps you understand the structure of your code and be a better coder.
  • minimap: Shows you a zoomed-out view of your code so you can navigate faster.
  • zebra-stripes: Makes alternating lines different colors in the editor (very good for coding).
  • language-latex: Provides code highlighting for LaTeX.
  • latex: Compile LaTeX documents with Atom. (Atom can therefore replace TeXStudio also.)
  • hydrogen: See Stata results directly in your code. This is an advanced feature and we are happy to help you set this up.
  • teletype: Work on the same code file at the same time with any number of other people. This is new software and can be a bit buggy but it can get you out of a pinch and is really cool.