Chapter 6 Revisions made to this handbook

As the methodology underlying the global poverty counts is updated, revisions are made to this handbook. Below is a description of the revisions that have taken place.

6.1 2022 April

This was the first version published of the handbook. It is available here.

6.2 2022 May

The subsection on national accounts data was updated. National accounts data for Syria were made available through the World Development Indicators, so extrapolations for the country were no longer based on a special series drawn from academic papers. It is available here.

6.3 2022 September

The handbook was adjusted based on the switch from 2011 PPPs to 2017 PPPs and the resultant change in the international poverty line. This particularly concerns the sections on purchasing power parities and derivation of the international poverty line and other global poverty lines. In addition, the handbook was updated to account for new Indian data based on the CPHS. In particular a paragraph was added to the subsection on “Selection criteria and source of data” to reflect the new Indian data and the paragraph on the exceptional extrapolation rule for India was removed as it is no longer applied. Finally, the section on the comparability of estimates was revised to reflect updates in how the comparability data can be accessed. The September 2022 version of the handbook is the latest version.