Geospatial and ICT in FCV Course: Additional Resources

Learn the fundamentals of Remote Sensing, Drone, and Mobile data collection, and how to apply them to a range of FCV related projects

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Enhancing FCV Operations with Geospatial ICT Tools - Course Resource Page

On this site you can find additional resources to accompany the World Bank’s Enhancing FCV Operations with Geospatial ICT Tools online course. These course materials and supplementary resources support the use of novel data, such as Satellite Imagery, Drone Imagery, and Mobile Phone data in global development projects and data products. Most of the resources are in English, however you can click here to jump to the French materials located at the bottom of the page.

The Geospatial and ICT tools in FCV course was developed by the World Bank’s Development Data Group in collaboration with operational and external partners. Funding was provided by the Korean Trust Fund for Economic and Peacebuilding Transitions (KTF), a global fund administered by the World Bank to finance critical development operations and analysis in situations of Fragility, Conflict, and Violence. The KTF is kindly supported by the Ministry of Economy and Finance, Republic of Korea. For questions regarding the course, please contact the World Bank’s Geospatial Operational Support Team (GOST).

Remote Sensing Resources


The Remote Sensing module covers the basics of satellite imagery and remote sensing, and how such data can be applied to development projects. It covers key terms related to remote sensing, and explains how to acquire the right imagery, define key project objectives and data requirements.

Remote Sensing Reference Material

Additional Remote Sensing Training Materials

Public Data Repositories & Other Derivative Products

Commercial Geospatial Data Vendors

Remote Sensing Case Studies

Drone Resources


The Drone module covers the basics of using drones for development insights, including how to determine if drone imagery is the appropriate solution for your project. The module covers how to acquire drone imagery and plan for the responsible use of drones for development data collection, including how to manage risk and implement safety measures for data collection.

Practical Guides

Popular Drone Data Processing Software

Open Drone Data Repositories

Related Blog Posts

Mobile Phone Data Resources


The mobile data module discusses how mobile technologies both generate data and are transforming the colleciotn of development data. The module includes frameworks and case studies that illustrate principles and practices for the responsible use of mobile data in development projects.

Big Mobile Data

Mobile Big Data - Handbooks, Guides, Job Aids

Mobile Big Data Open Tools, Algorithms

Mobile Big Data - Ethics, Security and Privacy-Preserving Resources

Other Mobile Big Data Background Materials

Additional Learning Big Mobile Data

Active Mobile Data Collection

Mobile Survey Data Collection - Good Practices

Data Collection Tools

Additional Learning - Active Data Collection

French Course Materials - Supports de cours de Français