This document is the continuation of the paper Options for Improving Use of ESG data for Sovereign Bond Analysis (World Bank 2018). Following interaction with investors in sovereign bonds that use ESG indicators in their country analyses and risk/return profiles of sovereign securities, the World Bank Group (WBG) presented a set of options for improving accessibility, quality (e.g. timeliness and regularity of publication, geographic coverage) and transparency of Emerging Markets data, in particular for ESG data. This paper aims to continue the analysis, better understand underlying data production and management issues that affect availability and provide recommendations for improving the accessibility, quality and coverage of ESG indicators.


This document was written and developed by Tim Herzog, R.Andres Castaneda Aguilar, and Tony Fujs. Andrei Ilas and Hiroko Maeda contributed substantial research support.

Replicability and license

This document is fully replicable and was produced in R using the Bookdown package. All the text files, codes, underlying data, and dashboards can be found in its GitHub repository worldbank/ESG_gaps_research. The online version of this report with interactive charts is also available in Github.